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14 Important Traveling Tips To Know Before You Go

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When traveling, there are so many things to keep track of. These important traveling tips will help you feel a little bit more prepared and in control in any situation. In case something does go not according to plan, you will know that you are the most prepared you can possibly be. Then you will have less headaches and a much more enjoyable trip!

Get Travel Insurance

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for your travels is to get travel insurance. You never know what can happen while traveling and being in a different country can make it extra difficult to deal with. Even if it is something like missing luggage or a flight cancellation, having travel insurance will help you cover those losses. It is even more crucial to have for any other type of accidents or medical related needs.

The travel insurance most trusted and loved by many travelers is World Nomads. They offer 24/7 emergency assistance and it is very easy to file a claim with them.

Make Copies of Your Passport

Whether someone steals your passport or you just happen to lose it somewhere, having a second (or third) copy will have you covered. Put the copies in a few different secure places so that you will always have it when it’s needed. This will save a lot of headaches since you need your passport to travel to any destination, even if going back to your home country.

Figure Out If You Need A Visa

While some countries don’t require a visa, you can’t visit others without one. Sometimes it can take a good amount of time to file and receive the visa. The smart thing to do is to apply early and give yourself enough time for everything to get processed. Otherwise it will be a big headache and can even result in having to cancel your trip.

Put Contact Details in Suitcases and Valuables

Just in case your luggage does go missing, having your contact details in an inside pocket can help the chances of it being returned to you. The same goes for any other valuables.

Know and Keep Track Of The Currency

The currency is constantly going up and down so it is a good idea to keep a watch for when there are higher rates if you are already planning on going to a particular country. Keeping track will give you more for your moneys worth if you change the currency when it is higher. Also, when you get to the other country knowing the current currency will help you know exactly what something should cost and if you are being overcharged. Doing the quick math, will show the actual price you are paying for something since not being used to the other currency and prices can be misleading sometimes.

Download An Offline Map

While sometimes it can turn out in an adventure, getting lost isn’t always so great. Having a downloaded map that you can use offline, will help in getting you where you need to go if all else fails. It will also help you keep safe as you can track where you’re going if you end up taking a cab ride. Walking somewhere is always an option too if you’re trying to get somewhere or are just exploring so having the streets mapped out is truly helpful to help you find where you need to go.

Exchange Money Before You Go

Especially if you’re watching the currency to take advantage of higher rates, change the currency at your local bank if available. That way when you get to your destination, you will have some money on you to pay for something. While many airports and countries take dollars and euros if that’s all you end up having, it is still a good idea to have some local currency since you might end up overpaying.

Check The Weather

Being in another country and wanting to explore is no fun if there is rain day after day. Having learned that lesson the hard way, it became apparent that there are certain times of the year when some countries have more downpour than others. That happened on our trip to a city just outside of Lviv, where out of nearly three weeks only a few days turned out to have sunshine. It was a bit of a disappointment as we didn’t get to explore everything we wanted to around the area. Only later we learned that in that part of the country, that time of the year is especially rainy. So, try to do some research on when the best time of the year is to go in that country so that there are no disappointments.

Translate and Practice a Few Words

The more touristy areas almost always have someone who knows a bit of English, but that isn’t always the case with some places that are more off the beaten path. Either way, it is good to know at least a few important words in the country’s spoken language. Duolingo is a great app that will help you learn some simple phrases and words quickly.

Take Screenshots of Places You Want to See

Sometimes finding something even on a map is difficult but the locals know of all the spots around. Have screenshots of the pictures of all the places you want to visit just in case you are having a hard time finding it. Then, you can just show the screenshot to a local and they are sure to point you in the right direction.

Pack Less Things

Lugging all of your things around can quickly become tiring and a big hassle. It can be difficult to pack less since before you know it, you’ve packed an overflowing luggage that won’t close. Planning out and being smart about the things you need will help to stay focused on what to actually pack and what to leave behind. Pack some neutrals in your clothing that will help you create new outfits with less pieces effortlessly. Having some things that are multifunctional will help save quite a bit of space. For example, a sarong can easily be used as a blanket, scarf, dress, and even a towel in a pinch.

Research A Country’s Culture

For the best experience in any country you will want to know some of the culture’s norms. Some countries are more particular than others but knowing those little things can make a world of difference.

Eat Where the Locals Eat

The locals know where the best food is at! Also, those places are probably more budget friendly as well. Ask around the place where you’re staying where some of the best spots are at. When traveling, one of the best parts of the trip is always the food so you don’t want to miss out on any amazing food experiences.

Have An Emergency/Washroom Kit

Going off the beaten path is sure an adventure but be fully prepared for it. Include some toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer in your washroom kit. In some places, you might have to end up doing your business in a hole in the ground, basic bathroom with little to no other amenities. Similarly, having an emergency kit can be extremely helpful even if you have just the basics like Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, and some antibiotic ointment.

It is better to be prepared for your trip than to regret later. Hope these traveling tips help you to have the best traveling experiences!

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